• Geospatial Data Intelligence for Spatial Analytics and Modeling

Spatial analytics and models are facing great challenges and opportunities when embracing the explosive growth of geospatial data and computation innovations to understand our social environment. GeoDI lab explores how spatial analysis can be enriched with more possibilities incorporating state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning insights, boosting more intelligent, innovative, and efficient geospatial applications at the frontier of GeoAI. 

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  • Geospatial Data Intelligence for Social Sensing

The widespread proliferation of information and communication techniques (ICTs) has fostered a plethora of big geo-data characterizing the spatiotemporal information of human activities, behaviors, and interactions. Focusing on human-environment scenarios such as urban socioeconomics, public health, transportation, pollution, sustainability, and ecosystems, we combine spatial thinking and cross-disciplinary methods to facilitate intelligent social sensing, understanding how human activities and behaviors are affected by socioenvironmental changes.       


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